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10 Foot Truck

The 10ft  truck rental is perfect for studio or smaller apartment moves, it is  also our most popular moving box truck. Students moving for college use  this one way truck rental to their advantage as they are easy to drive  and get great gas mileage.  Whether you are moving from your parent’s  house into a dorm, transferring into a new apartment or even into your  first house; the 10ft rental truck is a very regular choice for  smaller-size moves.

15 Foot Truck

15ft truck  rentals are perfect for apartment moves and even two bedroom household  one-way moves. Individuals upgrading from a 1-2 bedroom apartment  generally rent our 15ft moving truck as it has just the right amount of  loading capacity.

17 Foot Truck

Expanding  the family? Have a lot of belongings? Our 17ft moving truck is perfect  for you! The 17ft moving truck rentals are ideal for bigger apartments  and 2-3 bedroom household moves. The mid-size box truck rental can  accommodate your needs for both local in-town truck rentals and one-way  moving truck rentals.

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Our friendly staff is here to assist you with all of your Moving, Packaging,  and Shipping needs. Call (716) 886-4970 with any questions or to reserve your truck today. 


Save Your Back!

We have a wide variety of appliance dollys and movers. With or without straps. These will make moving a lot easier. 

20 Foot truck

The 20ft  truck rental is perfect for both local and long distance three bedroom  house and apartment moves. Our 20ft rental truck has a larger ‘van-like’  cab and can fit three adults that prove to be much more comfortable for  long distance moves. Renting the 20ft moving truck from U-Haul may just  be the best decision you could have made to help your move go as smooth  as possible.

24 Foot Truck

Our 24ft  moving truck is perfect for 3-4 bedroom household moves. A recently  added feature is the fuel economy gauge which shows fuel efficiency of  the trucks to help track the driver’s foot-to-gas pressure – keeping the  meter in the green will help the gas burn cleaner and more efficient  for the environment. This popular truck rental has a large box, rub  rails and can load up to 6,500 lbs. The extra storage space above the  cab, the Mom’s Attic® allows for more than 60 cubic feet extra of  storage space!

26 Foot Truck

Our  largest trucks for rent, 26ft trucks are the best option if you are  moving a 4+ bedroom house. The 26ft moving truck for rent comes standard  with a fuel economy gauge that maximizes fuel efficiency and patented  dual mirrors for better vision while driving and backing up.  A few more  notable features of the moving truck rental are the disc brakes,  gentle-ride suspension and comfortable van-like cab seating for three  adults.

Cargo Van

 A cargo van rental is a great low-cost solution for both businesses  and individuals who need to transport items within city limits. Our  moving vans are also a familiar choice for businesses that require  picking up supplies, shipments or even making local